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We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Georgia. 3 day in Queer TikTok house.

Fatal Flash and Dania Najjari

Today team of @queer_tiktok_house

She expressed support to Pride Tbilisi activists about the situation with LGBT rights and Georgia. The activists ' attempt to hold a pride parade in their country came across the resistance of the Georgian people and the supporters of traditional values. The residents of Georgia do not want parades to be held in their country, and therefore today they attacked the activists and beat them. Rainbow flags, which were also hung out in some places of the city of Tbilisi, were knocked down.

Participant ours House Dania @dania.najjari say: - What is Happening in Turkey and Georgia is against human rights and is not acceptable in ANY WAY!!! We need to speak up for those living there and are not safe enough to speak up for themselves! This needs to stop immediately. We live in the 21st century and homophobia is no longer tolerable!! We make special TikTok video for this situation in which they expressed support for the representatives of our community in Georgia

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