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We have open up. 1 day in Queer TikTok Hose

The team of Queer TikTok House

Today, the opening of a unique project of its kind took place in Berlin. The LGBT live e.V. team has opened a shift at Queer TikTok House. Out of 50 applications, 5 applicants were selected who joined the team this year and who will study the basics of the TikTok platform for a month under the guidance of experienced mentors. Throughout July, the children will learn how to create and edit videos, write sketches and play them. They will also learn the art of Drag to embody images in videos. This is the first and unique project of its kind, which was not previously in Germany.

- I am very glad that we are organizing a truly Historic event and opening the first TikTok house in Germany. - says the director of the project, the chairman of the board of the organization The LGBT live e.V. - Such houses exist all over the world and are popular. And I am glad that we can implement it here as well. This is a great opportunity for Rayat to get acquainted, expand their horizons and learn something new and interesting. Every day, they will dive into the TikTok area, learn how to edit videos, write sketches and play them. I hope that the month of the guys ' stay at our House will be an unforgettable experience for them, which they will then be able to share with others. Today the guys had a check-in and a little acquaintance with the surroundings of Queer Tik Tok House and with each other. Everyone was given T-shirts of the queer house, and a safety briefing was held, as well as a conversation about the Covid-19 virus.

One of the rooms of the house

- We take care of the health and condition of the project participants. Everyone has a set of masks, as well as hand sanitizers. It is important to us that even in this difficult period of time, our participants are protected from the virus and stay in the most relaxed mood.

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