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We got acquainted with the history of the platform. 2 day in Queer TikTok House

Today, milking the guys was the second day of their stay at Queer Tiktok House. This day was dedicated to getting acquainted with the TikTok platform and its production. The project director @FatalFlash told the guys about the origin of this platform, its features, and it also turned out how the guys want to see their account. The children were given a homework assignment to collect interesting material for them, based on which they could create their own, individual and unique videos.

- Today, the guys just touched the beginning of the story. There is a lot ahead and I am sure that they will take it seriously. - said Fatal.

The guys also sowed their first joint TikTok on a song from the new album Todrick Hall

Team Instagram: @raygermany2017@dania.najjari@stanleyspage

Us partner and sponsor Instagram: @fritzkola@kaleidoskop_tbb@bichinwigs@lgbt_life_europe

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