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Pride parade in Marzahn

17 Juli, the participants of our Queer TikTok house visited the Russian-speaking pride #MarzahnPride organized by the Russian-speaking LGBT Quarteera. And so, some participants took part in the pride in Frankfurt.

The guys went through the entire route of the pride under the cheerful music and received a lot of positive emotions .

- This year, Quarteera e.V. is holding a pride for the second time in the Russian-speaking Marzahn district of Berlin. For me, as the head of this project, it was important to show the participants that it is important to be open and not be afraid of who you are. It is important to support your community and resist homophobia, biphobia and transphobia with your openness-says the project manager Fatal Flash. Also, our participant visited the poide in Frankfurt, where he also presented the project with his presence and supported his community!

More photos Pride parade in Marzahn:

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