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Feedback from participants about the project Queer TikTok house 2021

At the end of our project, we asked the participants, if desired, to give us feedback on the project in order to understand how to develop it further.

participant Stanly

"I really liked the project. I have never received so much practical and useful information. It seems to me that even at school they taught computer science worse. We have passed the basics of TIKTOK, but they are important. Of course, you can't learn everything in a month, but this project really opened my eyes and interested me in working on this platform and developing it. I hope that next year the guys will open a shift again in this project and I will definitely try to plunge into this atmosphere again".

Participant Lev

"I found out what TikTok is when the quarantine began. I created a platform there, but I didn't develop it much. When I learned about the project "Queer TikTok house" and found out that this is the only house where we can not only spend a good time, but also learn how to work with the platform, I immediately applied. The month flew by like one day. The organizers did not let us relax for a second. There was a lot of practice and theory. About 50/50. Now I am preparing to motenitize my content and earn money from it. It's very cool that Fatal made such a project here. It is especially cool that it is not for professionals, but for beginners. I will definitely come back next year".

Participant Dania

"For me, as an activist, it is very important to find a platform where people will understand my message. With the Queer TikTok House project, I found it. Thank you to the organizers and Fatal Flash personally for their professionalism and responsibility. For the completeness of the program and the value of the knowledge gained. This project helped me to open my own direction and occupy my niche in the world of TikTok"

Participant Michail

"Very bright, colorful and modern. These are the words I can use to describe my stay in the project. I received a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable emotions. I met new people and found acquaintances. I am very glad that such a project has appeared. I hope that it will continue to exist, because such projects are very necessary for our community".

Participant Oleg

"The Queer TikTok house project helped me to become bolder and open myself to the world. Thanks to this project, the emotions and feelings that I received while being in it, I was able to loudly and clearly declare myself. At the CSD2021 pride, I openly said that I was Gay. And this happened on the TikTok platform and largely thanks to the project and its participants. Being with the guys, I realized that it's time to stop hiding and it's time to live by the call of my heart. So thank you to the project for such an experience, an opportunity and my new life in beautiful Germany. I hope the project will be implemented again next year as our community really needs such projects".

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