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Dumpling party. Day 5

Stan and Alexander make dumpling

In the Queer Tick Tok house, the guys are constantly creating and producing new content for the platform. But due to the fact that the last video of the guys with the support of the queer community from Georgia was blocked, the guys decided to take a short break and, so to speak, briefly declare a temporary boycott of the platform. And instead, in order not to fall into sadness and despondency, they organized a dumpling party. After all, you can't think of anything good on an empty stomach, and in order to create more, there should always be energy and a positive attitude. During the five days of their stay in the project, the guys have learned a lot and they still have a lot to learn. Our ship is sailing in the right direction. Follow our course and do not miss a single day.

Participant Queer Hause Alexander

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